Yu Li town locates in county border south, is east Taiwan's center, comes up to east line railway midpoint station, develops history although late, still is Dongtai strategic place。East border Taitung Hsien, south Fu Li village, west neighbor Zhuo stream, north meets Jui Sui, mountain range screen in two sides, shows auntie mountain brook pass through center。Clear belongs to Taitung straight be subordinate to continent esteem village, the Republic of China in 14, Japanese puts Taitung hall pu shi ge area, behind changes be subordinate to pu shi ge a branch of hall in two.
Geographic Position
The Republic of China will be old in six" pu shi ge "change call as "Yu Li "。The Republic of China weighs jade in village in nine, be subordinate to Yu Li a branch of hall, renameses Yu Li street in 26, be subordinate to Yu Li county, will joy equal to in demarcate set up additionally east Feng in in 54, the Republic of China will open mold in in 60, demarcates set up additionally forever Chang in in Tai Chang, at present altogether 15 Lis.
Yu Li town locates in Dongtai focus, Hualian county south, at north latitude 23 30 cent, east longitude 121 16 cent between, north meets Jui Sui village, east neighbors Taitung magistrate bank village, west Zhuo stream village, south border Fu Li village.
Yu Li town nips in Taiwan east zhi vertical valley plain heartland between center mountain range and coast mountain range, soil total area for 252.372 sq.km.s, administrative area delimit divides into area 17.300 sq.km.s three peoples in, area 34.400 sq.km.s in Ta Yu, area 12.900 sq.km.s in virtue Wu, spring in area 23.800 sq.km.s, looses area 23.500 sq.km.s in creek, area 23.400 sq.km.s in Avalokitesvara, east Feng in area 35.700 sq.km.s, joys equal to in area 27.100 sq.km.s, opens mold in area 2.672 sq.km.s, area 1.500 sq.km.s in Zhongcheng, area 22.900 sq.km.s in source town, longs good in area 9.600 sq.km.s, area 9.200 sq.km.s in forever Chang, area 7.200 sq.km.s in Tai Chang, area 1.200 sq.km. 15 in in country Wu.
Population and economy
This town population about for 35373 peoples, another province by means of, status of foreign resident, Min book, original lives people each occupy four cents one of the's proportion, economy chief as agriculture give first place to, furrows area have 6100 hectares, paddy does annual output about for 30000 male ton, fruiters annual output about 7000 male ton, watermelon annual output abouts 6000 male ton, on the other hand still has dried day lily flower, maize, peanut, vegetable wait for annual output about have 1500 male ton, livestock products department, this town tutors raise the pig at present about have 40000, productions and marketing class two classes, tutors feed sheep about 1000.
Administration, educates and financial institution

This town for Hualian county south area administration centrum, except outside town hall, still has Yu Li underground poilitics business office, internal Revenue Service Yu Li ji zheng, Yu Li town household politics business office, revenue Yu Li a cent place, Hualian forest zone administrative office Yu Li workstation, oversees stand Yu Li way station, ministry of communications road board the fourth area engineerings Yu Li engineering section.
Presses down administer have a senior high school, three countries in, 12 countries small, school have as an attached institutions kindergarten two, community baby farm seven, privately established baby farm three, area integral, educates facilities popularization.
Medical service have the Executive Yuan quit assist can Yu Li honor people hospital, the Executive Yuan Development of Health Yu Li hospital, Yu Li town health-center and privately established kind Chi hospital Yu Li branch courts, individual clinic ten department.
Financial center has Land Bank of Taiwan Yu Li branch, Taiwan area medium and small business bank , post office, Yuxi area farmers' association, finance acts very smooth.
Sight seeing resource
This town has not industrial pollution problem, so holds green hills and blue waters and fresh air's advantaged condition, every year attracts countless tourists arrive sightseeing。Safes go to hotspring natural water quality tasteless, environment elegant enjoy a good reputations international, draws near and have forest footpath for auxiliary, another and new keeps away longfeng park child care a hundred yearses old tree and sightseeing combination。Other still has Mountain Yu national park nan'an tourist center, eight goes through customs ancient rules look for deep and remote, red department mountain dried day lily flower beautiful scene, shows auntie mountain stream corbie appreciation and east bowlder elegance shang jun worth general survey resort.
Speciality shi zhen
Economy as peasant give first place to, sightsee for auxiliary, speciality as Yu Li kind of cake most enjoy great reputation, dried day lily flower, carves morning and tea-leaf quality good article excellence, watermelon juice many flavour sweet, average for this town speciality.
Dried day lily flower meal feast
Flower market, courtyard goes supermarket, all can find dried day lily flower freakish trace, from flower timber looks, dried day lily flower sunshine beautiful。Cate point of view cut-in, takes bud eatable dried day lily flower, not only vitamin A abundant, stills have cool blood, forgets worry miraculous efficacy.
Dried day lily flower makes for eat timber's history enduring, contains bud bud sun behind dry, can stew chicken or sparerib。Not open fresh bud can caloric fry, eats reach light fragile luscious mouthfeel。Then dried day lily flower's burgeon and root all cover people pull dig become vegetable, wild vegetable composes in jasper bamboo shoot be exactly dried day lily flower burgeon, is called most make the best use of everything field vegetables.
According to research finding, dried day lily flower dry ware marinate in 25℃ cold water in 60 minute or 45℃ lukewarm in 20 minute, it SO2 wipes off rate can reach about 70%。But this researches also discover dried day lily flower dry ware in cook front, sets to in hot water normal temperature in water 25℃ soakage 20 minutes or 20 minutes behind 90℃, SO2 wipe off rate can reach 50% above (watch 6) ,so xuan dao consumer at eatable dried day lily flower shi de cook dispose should first give infusion, washing operation as debases SO2 remain, ands can hereby suggestion center sanitation director office revise dried day lily flower dry ware's food additive use limit and dosage standard referrence.