First of all welcomes everybody come into Yu Li town hall world wide web, hopes can for you service。Yu Li town hinterland broad, has abundant natural resources and Race group many entity culture characteristic, no matter peasant speciality, original lives people culture, thermal region, place skill article (cate) ,has a rest scenic spot, cycle path ……, average has fit quality and appropriate layout, want how to permeate network medium will it sell go out, is male effort aim。Jian in "e "melts era's coming, but information communicates have not far not session, is make civilian convenience lead look at this town's politic by
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Yu Li town for whole nation 1 carries out "character education "villages and towns, website's homepage as "character urban town, high quality Yu Li "is energy principal axis, hopes by means of by character push, creates Yu Li town high quality comfortable scenery zhi space。Here,
welcomes national good friend together to" rambles Yu Li, deeply exploration "Travel of the nous,
experiences Yu Li's rurality's beauty and enjoy Yu Li good mountain, good water, nice guy feeling!
Believe must energy brings everybody different feel with recollection.